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Our Dongguan hotel features a gorgeous and luxurious lobby with clever use of interior glass. Fresh and elegant flowers are well set up around with nice candles. Featuring personalized and butler services, this distinctive hotel offers unforgettable escape from the bustling Dongguan city.

Mels Health Club on the 10th floor embraces holistic approach to physical and spiritual well-being. We are delighted in providing comprehensive facilities including a poolside fitness centre, yoga studio, indoor swimming pool, outdoor tennis court etc, which helps you find the energy and passion back.

Covered by green plants and full with natural breeze, the Rooftop Garden is a tranquil escape from the bustling urban environment that you could maintain your fitness regimen or simply enjoy your leisure time when staying at our 5 star hotel in Dongguan.

Managed by Mels Weldon Hotels and Resorts, Mels Weldon Dongguan Humen is the first hotel stepped into China. We are aiming to inherit and develop the service concept with sincerity, friendliness and personalization, and to satisfy each guest demand of international luxury hotel experience.

Positioned on historic town Humen, the 62-floor tower of our 5 star hotel in Dongguan raises elegantly in the corridor of Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

This hotel caters primarily to business travellers & conference groups, with extensive meeting facilities and business support service as well as 409 spacious rooms. Western elegance and luxury are well blending in hotel design mingled with historic South China style.

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